Monday, December 13, 2010

And so the year ends - quite literally

December 30th is the one year mark for me. Who could have ever predicted a little dentist appointment to get a filling a year ago would have changed my life so dramatically, and made 2010 a year for the history books. But, as I always say... it could be worse.

I will be offline for awhile- I need to have surgery for a separate issue- won't go into gruesome detail. I was fine before this year, now it seems when it rains, it pours. I wonder how much prescription drugs taken regularly over the course of this year for the neuropathy have to do with cysts forming elsewhere? Hmmm. Maybe none at all, just seems odd.

The Lyrica is how I keep the pain dialed down every day (through that, and making sure not to let my blood sugar drop, which makes the pain ramp up). But it does give me brain fog, which seems to be worsening, and blurrs my vision. It's a trade-off; until this nerve pain heals, or something else dramatically changes in my life, I don't know that I could give it up. I just try and push through the fog and focus; sometimes I do better than others.

I hope that the joy of family, friends, and fun at the holidays allows you to put your pain in the background for just a little while. I know it's hard. Don't let the stressful holiday season get to you, it's not worth it. Just enjoy the bit of happiness that you can gleen from every day, when you manage to forget your pain for a moment. To Imo, I expect you may have a newborn any day now, if I'm not mistaken? Would love to hear about it :) There is nothing like a baby to raise your spirits.

Wishing everyone good health, happiness, and wealth this holiday season.

With love,