Friday, March 4, 2011

Nice to see so many new people adding to the blog - your posts are all so welcome and appreciated. Be sure to add yourself as a follower if you want to be notified of updates as others comment.

Responding to some of your comments:

  • Yes, I've heard magnesium is good for nerves as well as constipation, a common side effect from the painkillers. I bought some and take it from time to time.
  • Re: medical marijuana, it's not offered in my state, but yes, I've heard great things about its effect on neuropathy, and with fewer side effects; it doesn't have to be smoked, you can get special food, drinks, etc. for medicinal purposes.
  • Re: neuromas, not one Dr. yet has suggested that could be an issue, but from what I've read online, it just seems it might explain why the pain has continued for such a great length of time while most people heal within a few weeks.
  • I , too, have had numerous medical "experts" try and tell me my pain is not from the novocaine injection that fateful day 15 months ago, and it is beyond infuriating, because I was perfectly fine before it, and permanently in pain afterwards!

The last few weeks have included medical opinions #11-#14, all of which led to no conclusion whatsoever. I saw an OS (said the teeth should come out), a dentist (said should go in and take a look to see if there are any cracks not visible in the 10 xrays and CT scan I've already had) then if not put crowns on the teeth but if so, pull 'em out and get implants; then another endo who said it's probably nerve damage and will still hurt even if the teeth are removed; then yet another endo who numbed each of the teeth individually on upper left side to try and identify where the problem is coming from, then announced she could not figure it out and referred me to an orofacial pain specialist - who doesn't accept insurance, naturally. But I'm going anyway - that's on March 16th.

Meanwhile, pain seems to have worsened and expanded to the entire left hemisphere of my head. My ear, throat, skull are all affect in addition to the trigger point where the aching 2 teeth are, plus of course the constant burning tongue on one side. But, through positive thinking and percocet, I muddle my way through a demanding job, caring for children, and taking care of the house. Can't say I do all of it entirely without complaint, but I try.

It is very easy to get depressed, as one my recent posters mentioned he was completely healthy and fine til this happened. It sometimes feels like a death sentence- not really, but certainly like life in prison... A prison of pain and Hell until you can get that pain under control. Pain does strange things to us. The fight or flight impulse kicks in and causes great anxiety, which only worsens things. So I try my best to remain calm and keep things in perspective; this isn't life threatening, things could always be worse, and I need to be strong and get through it.

If I'm helping others in the process, that means there's a reason for all this. I find something about that comforting.