Saturday, May 26, 2012

Getting into hot water...literally

One thing I find helps relieve the pain that I wanted to share with you is really basic:  hot water. This can be experienced as a nice hot bath (one of life's greatest pleasures) - lean forward and sink your face right into the really does help. Swish warm water around in your mouth, that's a good one, too. The relief is temporary, but it's natural, and it really does help. During the work day try hot tea if you're going to have a day with a lot of speaking, but make it decaf; caffeine and sugar stimulate the nerves and ultimately pain will be worse 30 minutes later.

So this week I find myself in hot water again, after being laid off from my job in a reorganization. Yeah, here we go again unemployment yada yada. I could actually use a little downtime to get my personal life in order in the aftermath of a horrid divorce. A job is just a paycheck; I'll find another one. In the meantime, I have more free time to brainstorm with all of you what we can do to stop the dental community from butchering others, with zero accountability.

We need a way to enforce safer methods, and to hold doctors liable for injuring people. Not sure if this means forming a non-profit to bring attention to the cause, writing a book, producing a video or what...if you are willing to participate in the Pain Project (for lack of a better name at present), and have ideas of how we can get attention for our cause, send me a message. Don't forget we also have a Facebook page, under Jane Fisher/dental disasters.

I want to see the dentists in hot water for continuing to ignore/deny that this is happening to people every day, and for their cavalier attitude.