Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What it feels like after 4 years

At this point I'm really just annoyed. I'm not in the kind of mind-splitting pain I was for the first 2 years, when I could think of little else but how to relieve this discomfort, and spent hours and hours pouring over the Internet, trying in vain to find better doctors and cures. I learned that there are none.

Now it's become part of daily life. I can manage to go through my day without constant obsessive thoughts about dental pain, so long as I take low doses of painkillers. Every day, every couple of hours, the pain ramps up to the point I notice it, and take a little something to tamp it down again, being careful not to take so much to the point it makes me sleepy. I always feel like I'm keeping this big secret, and I'm not comfortable with dishonesty. But it's necessary in this case.

So, painkillers have also become part of daily life. Granted, the dosage of medication is very low, but still, I need a constant input of pain relief in my blood stream or symptoms escalate to the point of distraction.

This also means having to go to the doctor's office every month, then pray I'll have no trouble filling my prescription; and the time and expense involved with that. Since I am unemployed (again), getting the time off is no longer an issue, but the tests and so forth are not affordable for me with no income coming in. I'd actually like to find new doctors, but I dread starting the process all over again, for really the same result.

I've put off visiting the dentist for cleaning and x-rays for a few years now, so will be going to a new dentist next week. I'm terrified that they will find a cavity that needs to be filled, which is how this whole thing started. But, my teeth have become quite yellow and they just need a cleaning, I feel kind of gross. My toothbrush and floss, no matter how diligently applied, just do not do the job well enough. Professional cleanings are still a must.

I love hearing from others about how they are doing better. I'd especially like to hear from anyone in the state of Florida, as the qualify of medical care I've found is pathetic. If you can recommend any, especially if you have a Naturopath, please don't hesitate to post here or on our Facebook page (you can also message me at Jane Fisher on FB)

Hope you are feeling well. Keep the faith! :)