Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Answers re: dental injuries

First, the news: New discovery this month- my latest addiction are Halls sugar free lemon refresher drops- only the lemon variety. Don't ask why, it just helps reduce the burn. At first it burns a bit more but...wait for it... if you get through the first few minutes it does help. 
I DO NOT, however, recommend Altoids or any form of mint, eucalyptus or cough drops with all that junk added. Placing peppermint on an already burning tongue is just asking for trouble!
Now for a personal reveal: I have a major guilt complex- Ready? OK: I want to answer every question and have a complete dialogue with every person, individually. But I don't always have the answers. I read each post and feel for every one of you, though I can't always individually respond (especially to anonymous posters).

PLEASE dive in and comment/respond - I am simply a moderator, I'm not by any means the only authority. Your personal experience and comments are valuable!! 
Or, to quote the great Jerry Maguire: Help me help you!

Because this blog can be cumbersome, I started the Facebook page - if you don't want your friends seeing your posts make another FB page- it only takes 2 minutes to create a second FB page with a made up name that is just for communicating with us in the pain world. Add me as a friend: Jane Fisher (dental disasters). It's much easier, technologically speaking, to post and get questions answered there than here. You can email me there, too.

The more we all share our experiences and put our heads together to brainstorm, the closer we can get to finding answers and cures. Sure as Hell no one else is working on it...maybe WE can have the breakthrough.
I hear new stories at the rate of several a month, and I am convinced this is only the tip of the iceberg
If we had more publicity, and others were not being misinformed by their confused/puzzled/scared doctors, I think we'd find TONS more sufferers like us.