Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quieting down

In the past week I've noticed significantly less tongue burning. I can only hope this is a permanent thing! Not sure what to attribute this to, except that maybe the Cymbalta I've been taking for about a month is finally kicking in.

There is definitely an adjustment period with any new med, and it's tough to sticking it out waiting for the results. At first I had night sweats but that quickly went away.

I take a measly dose, 30mg,, once/day around 11am. (Doc would like me to take 60mg) It makes me yawn a lot during the day, and have very active dreams when sleeping so I don't feel rested, but does seem to be helping with the nerve pain.

Those side effects are kind of minimal compared to some of the other drugs I've tried. I am using much less Clonazepam and topical Lidocaine because the burning is mostly under control, except for the times that I'm super stressed/anxious.

Let me know if you're taking something that's working for you.