Sunday, January 27, 2013

Short cut for all the nerve-injured newbies

In a hurry and want to find out quickly all of the things I've tried for pain relief and nerve repair without having to read through 4 years worth of blog entries (fascinating, though they may be)?

Anyone new to the blog, or who hasn't done so yet, may want to check out the "About Me" page, where I provide a historical overview of all the meds and treatments tried on me since my original injury in December 2009.

There is no cure for this thing; there are just things you can do to try to feel better while you slowly recover. If you are newly injured, remember chances are still very good (80%) that you will heal in short order (a couple of weeks). If you're still in pain and/or numbness after several months, your nerve may have been more severed/nicked/bruised/cut and nerve regeneration will take longer. In some cases, nerve damage is permanent. To my knowledge, no one can predict whether you will heal completely or not. You just have to try to be positive while you wait it out and see.

For me, it's become a way of life. I have seen much improvement but it's been an incredibly slow process. The first few months I wanted to die. Literally. But now, 4 years later, the pain has been reduced to the point it's just a daily thing I have to deal with, like back pain from my herniated discs. Yes, it still hurts, I still have to take meds, I still have to take time off work for doctor appointments and I'm still looking for relief that I may not have discovered yet... but compared to the first year, not nearly as bad. I hope this helps give you encouragement at the darkest times.

Many of our friends on this blog have reported that the pain is excruciating, and described as a "10 out of 10", people are scared and want to know "when will I get better?" I don't have that answer, but I'm providing a running tally of what I've tried (with mixed success) so you can see if anything works for you. If you find something that works for you, please post about it and let others know!

Warmest Regards,

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Burning reduced

Well, happy new year everyone. As I reach the year 4 mark, I still have headaches, bad cheek pain, very achey teeth, etc... but for whatever reason, since getting the facial injections (that wore off after 4 days) and having the bite splint refitted so I could actually wear it, the tongue burning has subsided a bit...from a 6 down to a 3-4 most days.

I can't say why, although maybe time really does heal all things, or maybe that goofy bite guard really does help relax the muscles that affect the tongue? Also the OPD told me to take a .5 klonopin at night before sleep.

I can't say improvement is because stress has been any less; I've been under an EXTREME amount of stress trying to qualify for a loan to buy a home, and it doesn't look like it's going to happen (anyone got money to lend?) - I have a big down payment and full time employment, my credit score didn't make the mark. Got screwed up in the divorce (if you've been there, you know what I mean). This is disastrous for me for so many reasons. I've spent dozens of hours and weeks on the phone begging people for money - so degrading, humiliating, and frustrating. I've actually been told I don't have enough debt to get a loan because Ive been such a good saver, and that's hurting my credit score. WHATTT? It's crazy.

(as a friend pointed out: you can go out and buy a semi automatic weapon and mow down an elementary school, but you can't qualify for a loan with 30% down if you have a late Verizon bill).

When originally injured, I literally could not focus I was in such pain 24x7, felt like acid burning and glass scratching my tongue constantly. I didn't think I could go on one more day. Let's just say, I'm not cured, but I have come a long way.

Of course, mornings are still the only time of day I feel normal for an hour or two, and I go as long as possible without eating or talking. I haven't felt like getting out of bed much, anyway. This injury changes your lifestyle so much.