Sunday, January 13, 2013

Burning reduced

Well, happy new year everyone. As I reach the year 4 mark, I still have headaches, bad cheek pain, very achey teeth, etc... but for whatever reason, since getting the facial injections (that wore off after 4 days) and having the bite splint refitted so I could actually wear it, the tongue burning has subsided a bit...from a 6 down to a 3-4 most days.

I can't say why, although maybe time really does heal all things, or maybe that goofy bite guard really does help relax the muscles that affect the tongue? Also the OPD told me to take a .5 klonopin at night before sleep.

I can't say improvement is because stress has been any less; I've been under an EXTREME amount of stress trying to qualify for a loan to buy a home, and it doesn't look like it's going to happen (anyone got money to lend?) - I have a big down payment and full time employment, my credit score didn't make the mark. Got screwed up in the divorce (if you've been there, you know what I mean). This is disastrous for me for so many reasons. I've spent dozens of hours and weeks on the phone begging people for money - so degrading, humiliating, and frustrating. I've actually been told I don't have enough debt to get a loan because Ive been such a good saver, and that's hurting my credit score. WHATTT? It's crazy.

(as a friend pointed out: you can go out and buy a semi automatic weapon and mow down an elementary school, but you can't qualify for a loan with 30% down if you have a late Verizon bill).

When originally injured, I literally could not focus I was in such pain 24x7, felt like acid burning and glass scratching my tongue constantly. I didn't think I could go on one more day. Let's just say, I'm not cured, but I have come a long way.

Of course, mornings are still the only time of day I feel normal for an hour or two, and I go as long as possible without eating or talking. I haven't felt like getting out of bed much, anyway. This injury changes your lifestyle so much.


  1. Hi Jane,
    I am happy to find this blog and know that I am not alone. I have had a lingual nerve injury for 6 years.
    I am currently trialling zostrix .075% (capsacicin). I am meant to be applying to a splint 3x per day, and leaving in my mouth for 30mins at a time. This was recommended by an oral surgeon who specialises in orofacial pain.
    I haven't read all your blogs, but this may be worth a try for you or others. It produces quite a lot of burning in the beginning but this reduces. It is meant to target `substance p' which is involved in nerve pain transmission.
    Best of luck with your recovery, and to any others who read this!

  2. I forgot to add, that I was advised only to use only a very small amount capsaicain (which is applied to the splint/mouthguard, so that it will be in contact with the area where the nerve was damaged). Over time, this is meant to reduce the amount of `substance P' which is secreted, and thus reduce the level of pain/burning.
    It has been somewhat effective for me so far, so I intend to keep with it!

    1. Hi there - can you update us on how it went with the capcsaicin? I've never heard of a special splint for the application, am interested in learning who/where this specialist is. It could help many people. Thanks - jf

  3. Hi,

    As much as I am relieved to see that others know exactly what I am talking about--at the cost of their own experience--it is disheartening to see what little relief they have found along the way. My own injury seems to have occurred during a minor oral surgery procedure called a frenectomy. The top of my tongue has hurt ever since, with nearly unbearable pain peaking at the end of the day. It is affecting my diet, my work, and my relationships. The oral surgeon is referring me to a plastic surgeon who may be able to do something to reduce the nerve compression that he suspects to be at the root of my trouble. I am not keen on having more surgery, but I am not keen on a lifetime of chronic pain. So I will go for the consult and see what the experts suggest. It has been a miserable month. Every day I wake up hoping for some improvement, but have not found it yet. I am doing my best to keep up with my interests and obligations, but some days, I just want to sleep, in which I find comfort.

    1. So sorry you have joined our club, Janice. How are they diagnosing the nerve compression, MRI? What sort of surgery do they recommend?

      Until then, try not to expect relief each day because I did that, too, and I can tell you it just sets you up for constant disappointment. It WILL improve over time, but you may never go back to feeling completely normal again. Wishing you well - xo jf