Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blogging has its benefits

If you asked me if there's been any change in the past year, I wouldn't really immediately say yes. But the unexpected benefit of recording all of this suffering is that, by looking back at past posts, I am reminded how much worse the pain used to be than it is now.

This can work for you, too.

Progress in nerve healing is so slow it's virtually unrecognizable; it sure doesn't feel like I'm getting better. But every time I read something from a year or two ago, I realize that, although I still have pain, it used to be worse. 

Yes my tongue still burns, but not nearly like did. I can't promise you will recover 100% (I haven't)... but comparatively speaking, things are worlds better, and that is comforting because it means there's still room for improvement!

Looking in the rear view mirror can suddenly bring things into view. When the pain is  overwhelming, and you feel lost and hopeless, write it down. Nobody understands this pain and it is invisible to others, so you get no sympathy; some people even hint that you're making it all up.

Keep sharing your thoughts with others here on the blog: even if all you do is post and then kind of forget about it, when you look back at it months and years from now, you'll be able to measure subtle improvement.

Get involved, and get better soon. :)