Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quieting down

In the past week I've noticed significantly less tongue burning. I can only hope this is a permanent thing! Not sure what to attribute this to, except that maybe the Cymbalta I've been taking for about a month is finally kicking in.

There is definitely an adjustment period with any new med, and it's tough to sticking it out waiting for the results. At first I had night sweats but that quickly went away.

I take a measly dose, 30mg,, once/day around 11am. (Doc would like me to take 60mg) It makes me yawn a lot during the day, and have very active dreams when sleeping so I don't feel rested, but does seem to be helping with the nerve pain.

Those side effects are kind of minimal compared to some of the other drugs I've tried. I am using much less Clonazepam and topical Lidocaine because the burning is mostly under control, except for the times that I'm super stressed/anxious.

Let me know if you're taking something that's working for you.


  1. this is happening to me and i'm a dental assistant where should i go first for help. Doing mega ibuprofena and heat and ice packs not always possible with hubby, 4 boys and a dog help

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    2. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory, so in theory it should help, but did nothing for me. I was prescribed Mobic, a stronger anti-inflammatory that won't upset your stomach, but still didn't see much change.

      Steriods DID help, but of course you may only take them in very limited amounts. But that might be a good place to start.

      It's ironic you being a dental assistant. Just goes to show, this can happen to anyone. This website has had over 17,000 page views, (with no advertising or promotion) which tells you how prevalent this problem is.

      Hope you are doing better now and are one of the lucky ones who heals more quickly.