Saturday, November 6, 2010

Burning inside and out?

Here's an odd question. Ok, these are all odd questions, but here's the latest. Has anyone noticed their facial skin peeling? I noticed my chin peels about once/mo. for the past few months... for no real reason. It got me this nerve related, it's almost like it's burning my skin from the inside out.

I mention this because I recently came off of a particular bad spell of worse mouth pain, which has now settled a bit. The first quiet tongue day I'd had after about 2 weeks of fire, I noticed, again, the skin on my chin peeling, like from a windburn or sunburn. Only, I haven't been in the wind or sun to any real extent.

And this is like the 3rd time I've noticed this - then I put some aloe on and it's gone the next day. I don't have any dryness anywhere else on my body like on that part of my face.

Things that make you go "hmmm".


  1. hi jane,

    just checking in. (again.) how are you feeling? i hope your pain is mild. i am in the middle of a bad pain episode. such a bummer. last month was great. i can't figure out these weird swings. maybe it's the colder weather. i also get throat pain off and on; i'm worried i have something more sinister (like TN!) going on. it's so frustrating to be dealing with a condition the medical community treats as if they are cavemen seeing the moon for the first time. how's your pain doing? any news to report? i can't say my skin ever peeled during times of bad pain or otherwise.

    i'm really happy for kev that he seems over the hump. i've sort of trailed him in terms of timeline; i thought i was right behind him in progress; these days i'm not so sure.

    i hope you have a nice turkey day. i am making the bird for my future in laws. wish me luck to make it through.


  2. Hey Kritty,
    My pain comes and goes in terms of severity...I mean, it never really goes, it just lessons randomly maybe 1 day out of every 3 weeks, like "Surprise! You've just won a get out of pain free card! Today is your lucky day. Enjoy it, for it will not last."

    Your comment about cavemen cracked me up! So true. Feel better, and good luck with the holidays- don't let the turkeys get to you! Congratulations on your engagement <3