Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eeeerily quiet, but why? Just freakin weird.

Wish I could say "hallelujah, I've found the answer!" But no. Just the least amount of pain I've had, maybe since this thing started; I was probably a 4-5 in pain all day, except a few choice moments when I talked too long on the phone and had to grab water several times. I've taken a couple ibuprofen the last few days, other than that, I'm taking a fish oil pill now daily plus the traumeel and lymphomycite or whatever the heck it's called - it's for healing. Haven't had laser in weeks or acupuncture in months. Had a glass of watered-down wine last night with dinner.

When I found myself getting stressed out talking to the unemployment bureau, yet again, about why they still won't pay me any benefits, the tongue started to burn - I consciously tried to calm myself down by reminding myself that I'm so much better now. It's like a mantra I repeat when the burn gets going.

With all due respect to the Beatles..."it's getting better all the time...better/better/ better" Though, truthfully, it's hard to convince myself of that more often than not. I've been feeling that I've plateaued, and will be like this, with those evil bad days coming back every few days, forever. But today was a good day. A really good day. How to bottle it - wish I knew.

And now, for the TMI portion of the blog, (fair warning for those that don't want to know), last time I had my period I got a wicked migraine and was waiting for it to happen again this month. Instead, it arrives and I get a day of greatly reduced pain. No clue why. But I will continue analyzing the cause and effect to see if I can determine how we can all live at no more than this level of pain always.

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