Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Newly injured or not, I feel your pain

I have so much empathy for some of those who've been suffering with this injury for years. I cannot even fathom going through this for another month, much less years.

While this horrible pain has caused immeasurable disruption to my life, I sometimes feel I really have no right to be complaining "only" 6 months after my injury, when there are others out there who've been suffering (often in silence) for years.

I do all this complaining, whining and "kvetching" not just to vent, blow off steam, and commiserate with my fellow sufferers, but also to hopefully exchange positive advice on finding relief.

My brain is in a constant battle with itself these days; I spend half the time feeling hopelessly, "I just want to feel normal again!" and the other half thinking how lucky I am just to be alive, and to quit complaining already. It's not cancer, after all. It could be worse. But that doesn't mean it doesn't still suck.
Can you relate?

Some of the really long-term sufferers can be found on World Law Direct, if you are morbidly interested in hearing their stories. I am. I am always interested in anyone's story, especially those who've eventually recovered. It gives me hope, that as I sit here typing, my mouth in "flames", the side of my face and my temple still aching, I know that someday, this WILL get better.

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