Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back online with updates and greetings

Hello all and thank you for your patience as I've grappled with my blogger issues. I still can't add comments to posts, but now can post original posts. Crazy, I know.

Dear Kev- how'd it go with the pepper treatment? Any luck?

Dear Anonymous @ 11 weeks - I hear ya. I feel at this point as though I've plateaued and there won't be any more improvement after 8 months.

But you are still early on, relatively, in your healing after 11 weeks, and could still get slightly better. In all honesty I don't know if you'll ever be completely normal the way you used to be. I feel I won't.

re: depression, we've all been there; I hope following this blog helps to lighten your mood, there are some great people here with wonderful tips and suggestions. Hang in there - you are not alone! We get it!

I am still hoping someone will find this blog and post that they are *completely recovered* - how long it took, and what steps they took to get there. Meanwhile, if we keep putting our collective heads together, maybe we'll figure it out on our own.

Saw the neuro; again said topamax is really for migraines and wants to just increase the dosage of gabapentin and continue the clonazepam for burning. Result has been more sleepiness (though I can function) and still have burning. Super nice guy, but geez, is that the best he can do?!

He also used the TENS unit on my gums and I must say I do feel some relief in my cheek, though my teeth still ache and tongue always burns. He wants me to do a series of these treatments in next few weeks (not covered by insurance of course). I mentioned kritty's remark that seemed to spread the pain and make things worse, he just said "that shouldn't happen".

Dear Kristin - When landing in Chicago I was fine once on the ground. When back in Florida I had no landing trouble at all, really. Maybe it's the thin air we have at sea level.

Dear kritty- if you like write me at smr2121@excite.com for private messaging - your input is invaluable. I could use a referral to someone close to me. I'm obviously not getting the ultimate care available at present.

How's everyone doing this week? I am popping those lozenges and gum like M'n'Ms to try and douse the flames in my mouth.


  1. hi jane! so good to see you back. i am both kritty/kristin. it depends which google account i have open at the time. sorry for any confusion.

    i worry about you using the TENS; i can truly say after using it things worsened for me; pain spread to upper branch. i often wonder if i never used it where i'd be today...

    i'll send you an email during the week.


  2. Hi Jane, thanks for having this blog. I have read others:Imogina's and Kev's already. They were very inspirational for me and I am very grateful to all of you. I have lived in hell (mostly emotionally) since the day I was injured and somehow I feel guilty about that also, as I haven't felt as bad as you all report ( I haven't recovered completely yet, I hope I will). I have you all on my prayers for your full recovery or giving thanks if you already recovered. Raquel.