Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In response to Anonymous who replied to my previous post re: Pepper, etc., (I'm still having blogger problems, it wipes out any comment I try to post, yet lets me create regular posts. Bizarre. And very infuriating.)

Injury occurred prior to RCs when injection hit lingual nerve during fillings procedure; but having 2 RC's on same side soon after probably further irritated things. The area of the root canals is exactly where I still have the most pain (other than burning tongue) so your overfill theory may lead to something...what is overfill, exactly? How would I know if I had it and it was pressing on a nerve?

I have not found any practitioner who has any familiarity with my oral pain issue, other than the guy who I'm seeing that insists that Neurontin is the way to go, how is it known not to help oral pain? I'd be interested in seeing that research! God knows I don't need any more more drugs that don't even help. He originally had me on Nortriptiline which was a nightmare for me

Thanks for your input - tell me more!***********************

So if Neurontin x3 didn't work for you, what does? Are you, like many, finding relief with Topamax?

I do think Lyrica could help, it just scares me. I's tough enough getting through a workday already.

I've seen 3 neurologists and not one has any other recommendation. I feel like they are so used to deal with elderly here with diabetic neuropathy (like in their feet) that Neruontin is just standard.

However, the guy I'm seeing is at a teaching university, which should be cutting edge.

My original injection was shocking in that it felt very deep and I could feel cold liquid running into me. Most injections barely scratch the surface, more like a pin prick- uncomfortable, but not big deal - this was very different. I complained to the dentist, he just shrugged it off, like I was a cry baby.

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  1. Did you feel the electrical jolt with the injection or during the drilling for the filling? sometimes they do drill through the tooth and hit the nerve. You can read up on overfill by visiting sargentipaste.org

    I tried 3 times the dose of neurontin you are on with no benefit and so did many many others in the same condition. It is not FDA approved for oral nerve pain. Nor any nerve pain for that matter.

    You need to start contacting docs out of your area. Possibly out of state. You need to stick with oral surgeons who deal with nerve damage. They are the only ones who really deal with these type of injuries.

    As far as the pepper theory? anything with pepper sets my tongue into a bigger flame. You can try anything peppered and see how it affects you. Like hot pepper sauce on eggs. peppercorn marinated meats or veggies. I avoid any thing with pepper like the plague these days. Certain things affect everyone different including the drugs. I felt the jolt with the injection for an extraction and I'm the one who had nerve decompression.