Saturday, May 15, 2010

Firing off again

Welcome kritty and thanks so much for your contributions - you have really done your homework! Nice to have you on-board, and hoping you find relief SOON.

Yesterday was lots of stress, and the burn just seemed to build all day long, even after midnight was still raging.

Sometimes morning can be so bad, I'm taking vicodin before even getting out of bed, but then end up with a surprisingly mellow evening. But sometimes, a quiet morning turns into fiery afternoon and evening, lingering right up to bedtime. Lately, on these days, no matter what I do, I can't seem to get any real relief for any length of time.

Does anyone else have the pale, swollen tongue, with teeth marks? I've had several practictioners remark on my tongue, and when I wake it feels like I've been pressing it against my teeth all night long. I asked for a bite guard, but was told to try the Pamelor first and see if it helps.

I am typically anti-meds and this feels like just another case of a dentist turning someone into a junkie. We shall see...I am going to try kritty's suggestions, including the mega-dosing of vitamin C (although when I'd mention this to homeopathic/acupuncture practitioners they poo-pooed it) I am having to increase my dose of vicodin. It can be addictive, and causes side effects like constipation but other than that, pretty mild stuff, as it's mostly acetominophen (Tylenol) in very high dosage.

I observed again the burning may be made worse by sugar and talking (went to a house party), and I had an alcoholic drink. Coincidence? Maybe.

I am wondering why the Pamelor isn't helping yet, but maybe it just takes more time to build up in my system. I'm now on 2/night. It is making my heart beat fast, I feel depressed and listless in the morning. I looked it up and found it's supposed to have no real effect for 14 days but. I'm hoping if I stick with it, things will improve.

I'm still taking homeopathic meds Traumeel and lymphomyosol (sp?)and on my last 15 mg Mobic as antinflammatory. Sick of spending money on and taking meds!!

Hope everyone has a pain-free day.


  1. I can comment on the pale swollen tongue. I had it too. You have probably been pressing it against the roof of your mouth and teeth as an unconscious attempt to over ride the pain stimulus be replacing it with the pressure sensation. This tension leads to more tension to the point that your jaw feels like it won't even open.

    Why anyone would tell you to try a drug rather than a simple mouth guard is beyond me. You can buy them over the counter for about 20 bucks. These are disposable but at least you can figure out if you should have a more expensive one made up by your dentist. I wear mine on the bottom teeth and fine that to be the best. Some prefer the top. Maybe buy a couple and try it both ways. It helps to break the cycle of tension in a couple of nights. Unfortunately it takes about a week to get used too, and during this time it is difficult to sleep with it in.

  2. i'm surprised that of all people, homeopathic peeps would shoot down the vitamin C theory. i found out about it reading norman mailer's "anatomy of an illness." he cured himself of severe rheumatoid arthritis using 25 grams of vitamin C in a slow IV drip over the curse of 2 years. you should read the book, it's super small and really interesting.

    again, it may or may not work for you. a woman on a forum i frequently post has severe trigeminal neuropathic pain. she wrote me yesterday to tell me she has been taking vitamin C for three months and 85% of her "horrific burning" is gone. she still has pain, but she wanted to tell me the only thing different was she started the vitamin c. is it working? i dont know, but its reassuring. the only thing is you dont know how much to take because everyone is different. for norman mailer, it took 25 grams. for me, i started feeling better around 6 grams. you have to go up until your symptoms abate. remember to drink it over divided doses, otherwise you will intake it too quickly and not absorb it.

    thanks for the warm welcome! i look forward to reading more.